Kompani K: Onkel Osvalds Orkester, Spelar Til Dans

like moonshine whiskey and a hillbilly wife (Guitar Town)

Posted in Free Liu Xia by Knutsvik on July 22, 2014

so this feels like an 80ies summer again, and


I’m riding my Apache-bike and wearing aviators and a Chevrolet-cap, and J’s dad makes moonshine whiskey down below. he plays the guitar, Creedence, obviously, Who’ll Stop The Rain, and he’s drunk and says he hates Johnny Cash and J and me have played Highwayman over and over and cannot understand why, but J’s dad says no, Johnny Cash just stands there and sings about people in prison and there’s no energy and he’s drunk on moonshine and picks up his guitar and starts singing an old Creedence song again, and there’s no way his wife cannot tell, even if she came from some hillbilly town in Eastern Norway and married a truck driver from Stavanger, a skeet shooter and duck hunter, and she has great tits like all moms back then and works as a cleaning lady at our school and doesn’t mind that her husband pours me moonshine as long as J doesn’t get any


and one day she opens the door topless, she was younger then than I am now


and this feels like an 80ies summer again


like moonshine whiskey and a hillbilly wife with great tits


and Steve Earle and Creedence Clearwater Revival


and a bike and a Chevrolet-cap and a great pair of tits